Why Choose SoftballFinder leagues and tournaments?

We asked people why they love our leagues and tournaments:

I like it because it's a lot lower stress and it's a lot more fun because the players are on your level, mentally and physically. It's fun to joke around with the players and you develop relationships the more you do it.
I'm glad I took the leap and did it, that's for sure
- Chelsea R.(official)

I just started my first league and all of the players on the team I am currently on are a great bunch of people. The first game I was kind of nervous of what to expect being on a new team. The other players seemed to know each other very well and made sure that I fit in as a team mate. The great part is the people are more concerned about having fun. Thanks again for a great league!
- Rick M

I like that atmosphere and camaraderie are emphasized over competition, and that players in this league put in the time and effort to create a truly friendly and social atmosphere. This creates a welcoming and encouraging environment for new players, and builds lasting relationships. I have yet to find a more overwhelmingly fun and inviting organization or group of people.
- Chris B.

Amazing people, fun times, with a laid back culture!
- Kelly H.

I like the laid back atmosphere. Competitive but fun. You meet and play with new people every week or every season. It's fun for low cost. You're accepted by your teammates regardless of your ability, sex, age, race or who you sleep with etc. I don't know how to put this into words nicely but something like: people who play in this league seem to have a low tolerance for jerks?
- Mark L.

The laid back and inviting atmosphere speaks volumes. The fact that the league is VERY affordable is an added bonus.
- Darren B.

I really like that you offer an individual format. It allows me to have a different yet equally awesome experience, thereby keeping me interested, motivated, and developing.
- Aleida Z.

It's a nice, respectful and pleasant atmosphere. There are no coaches to question every call you make, and players are respectful when you explain a call you make.
- Tim B.