Sign-up for a Pickup Softball Game

You must first be logged-in to your Softball Finder account to sign-up for a pickup softball game.

Pickup softball games are listed by area, game type or organizer. You can start your search for pickup softball in your area by clicking the 'Pickup Softball' link in the main menu.

Game Information

The game summary shows you the details of the pickup game and how many of each player spots are still open. You can see who is already playing in the game by clicking the 'View Roster' button, or you can sign-up for the game by clicking the 'Sign-Up Now' button.

Game Cost

The cost of the game for players is listed on the pickup game summary or on the game page. The cost and payment type for these games can vary by organizer and player type.

Pay at the Door Games and Open Softball

To play a pay at the door game, you will still need to sign-up for the game on Softball Finder. Doing so will reserve your spot in the game, but not require you to pay for the event until you arrive.

Open Softball games do not require you to sign-up in advance, so you can just show up and pay at the door. The payment details for both these types of games will be listed in the notes section on the pickup game page.

Softball Finder Credits

Some games accept payments via Softball Finder credits. The number of credits needed to sign-up for the game is listed in the game details. You will need to buy Softball Finder credits before you can sign-up for the game.

If you don't have enough credits in your account, you will be prompted to purchase credits before you can sign-up for the game.

Payments for Softball Finder credits are accepted via PayPal. The Softball Finder credits you buy will be immediately added to your account once your payment has been processed (this usually occurs immediately). After you have credits have been applied to your account, you can sign-up for the game.

Softball Finder Credit Game Sign-Up

Cash Games

Cash games are games that require an immediate payment via PayPal. Once you make your payment, you will be added to the game.

Cash Payment Game Sign-Up

How to Sign-up

The pickup game details page has a sign-up form for each game. To sign-up for a game you will need to choose your team and the player on your account who will participate.

Player Type

There are two player types: Skater and Captain. The 'Play as' drop down box will allow you to choose your player type. If the game is full for your chosen player type, you will be prompted to be added to the wait list.


The team drop down allows you to choose which team you want to play on: light or dark. You can also choose random for the site to choose your team for you by balancing players across both teams. Remember to bring the applicable light or dark jersy when you go to play the game.


All the players on your account are listed in the player drop down. This allows you to choose the player who will play in the game. Players that are already signed-up for this game will not be shown.


After you have chosen your player type, team, and player, you can click the 'Sign-Up' button (for Softball Finder credit games) or the 'Pay with PayPal' button for cash games.

Your selected player name will be added to the pickup game immediately for credit games. For cash games, your player will be added immediately after you make your payment via PayPal.