List My Pickup Softball Game

You must be logged-in to Softball Finder to add a pickup game and you need to be an organizer. If you're not an organizer, you can become an organizer by updating your account.

Once you are logged-in, click on the button in the upper right-hand corner of the site, labeled with your name. Click the 'Pickup Softball Dashboard' link.

Pickup Softball Dashboard

The pickup softball dashboard shows the history of any games you have scheduled in the past You can click on the arena name edit your pickup game.

Adding an Individual Game

If you want to add a new pickup game, click the 'Add Individual Game' link from the menu on the left-hand side of the Pickup Softball Dashboard. You can hover your mouse over the field descriptions to learn more about what to enter in each field.

Understanding Payments

The payment type field allows you to choose how you want player payments to be handled.

Softball Finder Credits

Softball Finder credits are used by players to pay for games. When a player purchases credits from Softball Finder, they are held in their account until they sign-up for a game. Players can benefit from buying credits in larger quantities to receive a discount on any games they sign-up for.

When you choose Softball Finder credits as a payment type for your game, players will purchase credits from Softball Finder and sign-up for your game. Once your game has been played, Softball Finder will send you $1 per credit owed to you for all players who signed-up for your game.

Online Payment (via PayPal)

The online payment via PayPal payment method allows you to have players pay for your game immediately with PayPal, without using Softball Finder credits.

You have two options when using this payment method:

  • You can choose to have the payment sent directly to Softball Finder
  • You can choose to have the payment sent directly to you PayPal account.

If you choose to have the payment sent to Softball Finder, you will receive a payment for all the players who signed-up, after the game is played.

If you choose to have the payment sent directly to your PayPal account, you will receive a payment each time a player signs-up for your game. Please note: there is a fee to have payments sent directly to you. If you want to have payment send directly to you, make sure you check the box that is labeled 'Send cash payments to my PayPal account' and enter your PayPal email address in the box below.

The fee details are as follows:

Softball Finder charges a 5% fee (minimum of $1) on transactions when using the direct payment method. The 5% covers your PayPal transaction fees (3.5% + $ .30) with the remainder going to Softball Finder to maintain the site.

Here are a couple of examples of how a payment is broken down:

  • Player Payment Total: $16.00
  • Softball Finder Fee: $1.00
  • Includes:
    • PayPal Fees: $.86
    • Softball Finder Commission: $.14
  • Total Payment to Organizer: $15.00

  • Player Payment Total: $30.00
  • Softball Finder Fee: $1.50
  • Includes:
    • PayPal Fees: $1.35
    • Softball Finder Commission: $.15
  • Total Payment to Organizer: $28.50

Online Payment or Credits

This payment method is used to allow your players to pay either with Softball Finder Credits or make payments via PayPal. This method is helpful if your players have Softball Finder credits already on their account.

You have the option to have any payments made via PayPal sent directly to your PayPal account, just as with the Online Payment described above.

If you choose this method, make sure you enter a payment amount and choose the appropriate number of credits for both players and goalies.

Private Games

You can make your game private, so only players in your private list will see your game and be able to sign-up. You will need to setup a private list before you can assign it to your pickup game.

To create your own private list, go to the Pickup Softball Dashboard and choose 'Private Lists' from the menu on the left.

You can either edit an existing list by choosing the list name from the drop down box, or create a new list by entering a list name in the box labeled: 'Name Your List'.

Enter a list of email addresses (one per line) in the box labeled 'Email Addresses', and click 'Add this List'.

Once your list has been created, go into your pickup game and check the box labeled: 'Make Game Private?' and choose a private list from the drop down.

Adding Multiple Games

If you have a game that is played weekly, you configure it once and have Softball Finder create the games for the upcoming weeks automatically. The Repeat Game section allows you to make a copy of the current game and schedule it for the number of weeks specified when you choose a value from the 'Repeat for additional' drop down. Make sure you check 'Repeat Game' check box.

Add a Block of Games

Softball Finder allows you to add a block of games which the player will pay for with one payment. The games are setup the same way as individual games, except that the payment amount is setup for the entire session.

To add a block of games, choose 'Add a Block of Games' from the menu on the left side of the Pickup Softball Dashboard.

Enter a name for your block of games, and the cost for players. Payments are only accepted via PayPal for blocks of games. You can choose to have the payment sent directly to you by checking the box labeled 'Send funds directly to my PayPal account' and entering your PayPal email address. Softball Finder charges a fee for this service, as described in the Online Payment via PayPal section above.

Click 'Add Session' to begin adding the individual games.

You can enter or repeat as many games as you like for the block of games you're configuring.