Mounds View Fall Thursdays Co-Ed League!

Fall League Registration Now Open!

Important Players register as individuals and are placed on a team. You can play in as many leagues/tournaments as you like. Schedules are set well in advance so you can see when the game times are!

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League Details

Mounds View - City Hall Park Thursday League
  • All Level players welcome
  • Skill Level Definitions
  • Field 10 players and up to 13 per team
  • Participation gifts for all players
  • 10 games guaranteed, and up to 16 between 9/2 - 10/21
  • Tournaments and Leagues will follow rules of the ASA unless otherwise indicated in the League Rules section
  • Registration opens June 26th, 2021
  • League Games will be played at Mounds View City Hall Park Field 1 (Bronson Dr. & Edgewood Dr.) in Mounds View at 6:15 & 7:10 or 8:05 & 9:00 (Once registered your schedule will reflect actual times)
  • Early Bird Registration Fee: $65 through until 8/22 then $75 until league is filled.
  • There is a one time $20 jersey fee for players that do not have SoftballFinder shirts.
  • Rainouts: Games will not be replayed due to rainouts. If possible, we will play in light rain or delay games before canceling altogether.

League Culture

These are friendly mixed level Co-Rec softball games. Players of all levels (level 1-6) are welcome. The goal is to have a friendly no BS atmosphere and for players of all levels to be able to play together. After each tournament teams will be reshuffled prior to the next tournament so we all get to play together. All games will be played on the same day as much as possible so after each game players can hang out and socialize.


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          League Rules

          League Q&A

          Q. Why is there a jersey fee?
          A. The jersey fee is to cover the cost to supply players with a Dark and Green jersey required to play in the league. All SoftballFinder players have the same two jerseys making it easy to switch divisions, balance teams, and pull subs from other divisions if needed. Bring both to the tournament since you may alternate between the Dark (home) and Green (away) teams. You will be assigned a number.

          Q. How will the game be impacted by COVID-19?
          A. You will be asked to abide by social distancing guidelines. Specifically, allow for 6' of distance betwee players on the bench, avoid physical contact (including high fives), bring your own equipment when possible, keep your distance from the umpire and other players near home plate and avoid bringing people with you to watch the game.

          Q. Do I have to pay the jersey fee every season?
          A. No. It is a one time fee. You will receive a green and a dark SoftballFinder jersey which can be used in any of our leagues.

          Q. When do I get my jerseys?
          A. Jerseys are provide to players when they first join the league and pay the one time jersey fee of $20. A pre-tournament meeting will be scheduled to hand out shirts. They will also be available at the fields prior to the first game. Please ensure the jersey size you want is correct in your player profile.

          Q. I lost my jersey(s) can I order a new set?
          A. Yes. Jerseys can be ordered by contacting us and requesting a new pair. The cost is $20 for the set, $30 if shipping is required.

          Q. How do I order nicer personalized jerseys?
          A. Players may elect to buy 2 personalized SoftballFinder jerseys. Details have yet to be determined. If this is of interested to you, contact us to learn more.

          Q. What equipment is required?
          A. SoftballFinder will provide the balls, scorebooks and bats to play in the league. You will only need to bring your glove to play. Other equipment you may want to consider bringing/wearing: Athletic supporters, cleats, batting gloves, and mouth piece. If you have a bat, you can bring it provided it meets the governing body standards.

          Q. How are teams made?
          A. Teams will be made up of diversified skill levels. During the registration process players are required to self assign themselves to a SoftballFinder skill Level which is used for creating teams. Our system randomly generates teams based on these skill levels so it is important that players are honest about their skill level. Teams will be re-shuffled after each season so that eventually players have an opportunity to play with everyone from their division.

          Q. Can I request to be on the same team as a friend?
          A. SoftballFinder recognizes the importance of playing on the same team as the person who recruited you into the league such as family, friends and the next door neighbor who you carpool with. In an effort to make this possible without changing our unique format we've developed the following team placement policy.

          Team Placement Policy - New Players can request to play on the same team as up to two other player(s). This request can be made at any point during the registration period

          Team Placement Policy - Pairs and Groups
          Players must register as individuals. However, if you know you'd like to play with a certain group of people, contact us at and we'll ensure you get placed on the same team.

          NOTE: Group registration will only work if the skill level is even among teams. We'll break up groups only if the team with the group has an obvious advantage.

          Q. I need to cancel my registration. Is that possible?
          A. The cancellation deadline for all Leagues/Tournaments is two weeks prior to the start of the season. A $20 admin fee will be charged for cancellations. No cancellations will be processed after the deadline unless of a rainout. You may request to move your registration to a future season or have it transferred to someone else. Note: we often have a wait list for players to join the league. If this is the case we can transfer the registration to someone on the wait list.

          What if it rains on the day of the game?
          A. We will play games if at all possible, which includes games in light rain or cold temperatures. If the amount of rain makes it unsafe or is accompanied by lightning we will call the game off. If you are able to play at least 67% of your games, we will not refund your registration fee. If you play fewer than 67% of your games, we will refund your registration if you aren't interested in playing in a future tournament/league. Check back on this page or on the calendar to see if a game has been canceled or delayed.

          Q. Do I need to register with ASA or USSSA?
          A. No. Unlike Hockey Finder, you won't need to register with the governing body to play softball.