Softball League Rules!

The first and most important rule of this league is that EVERYONE is to have FUN. These are mixed level games so by signing up to this league you acknowledge there will be less and more skilled players than you playing. Please be aware of this and do your best to include everyone in the game. Unfriendly play will NOT be tolerated.

(a) All rules not specified in this rule sheet will revert to ASA Rules unless league is otherwise governed by USSSA rules as indicated.
(b) SoftballFinder has final authority concerning all rules and regulations including, but not limited to, suspensions, expulsions and general discretion of conduct.

General Rules

- This is a NO BS, friendly league. Being ejected from a game because of misconduct may automatically receive another game suspension. A second ejection will result in an expulsion from the league without refund.
- People who identify as male will hit 12” ASA stamped softball. If you identify as a woman you will hit the 11” ASA stamped softball. If you have questions or would like clarification, please talk to your captain the first week of the season.
- No pitch shall be flatter in arch than 6’ and no higher in arch than 10’.
- Position players will be as such. A battery element of a pitcher and catcher. 4 infielders (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and short) and 4 outfielders for a total of 10 players. Infielders must stay 2 to the right of 2nd base and 2 to the left of 2nd base. In the event a team has 9 players, 4 Infield/3 Outfielders must be utilized. If 8 Players than 3 IF/3 OF. Games cannot be official if one team has fewer than 8 players.
- No outfielders shall play closer than 160’ from the home plate and may not move forward until after the batter makes contact with the ball.
- Counts will start with 1 ball and 1 strike.
- There are NO tie goes to the runner. Umpire will determine whether you are out or safe.
- Games will be 7 innings or 55 minutes, whichever comes first (45 minutes in winter). Mercy rules are as follows: 10 runs per inning (per team) is the max. 10-run rule does not apply during last inning.
- All players are treated equal with the exception that some will hit 11" balls whereas, others will hit 12".
- Game Equipment will be provided: Balls, Bases, Scorebooks. Players are responsible for supplying their own gloves and any additional equipment they prefer to use. Any balls or bats you plan on supplying yourself must be approved by the umpire prior to the game (both ASA and USSSA stamped bats are approved). No metal spikes allowed. SoftballFinder will provide a few bats for use.
- Courtesy fouls – You get one courtesy foul with 2 strikes (no courtesy fouls offered in winter). Next foul or strike is an out. Example (if I have a 1 and 1 count and I hit two foul balls – I AM NOT OUT) The first foul ball pushed the count to 1 ball and 2 strikes so there for does NOT constitute as a courtesy foul.
- On fields with outfield fences, there is a limit of one (1) over the fence home-runs per team per inning. After the first over the fence HR, all subsequent similar hits will be counted as outs for the remainder of the inning.
- If there are no umpires then the game will be played pickup style with each team’s captain will be responsible for keeping track of outs and their own score.
- All players must agree to the league's terms and waiver. This is part of the online registration process.
- Teams, as absolute last resort for competitive balance, may be subject to roster adjustments at any point in the season.
- Plays at the plate - to reduce potential for injury, a line will be drawn at home plate that indicates the plane the runner should cross when attempting to score. The catcher must have a foot on home plate and catch the ball to force the runner out. Once the runner passes 3rd base by 30’, they must commit to running home.
- Injury Substitutions - batters may request a runner due to injury. The runner and batter may decide if they’d like the runner to take the field when the batter is batting. If they do, the runner must start behind the umpire and begin running only after the ball is hit. Subs must be the last player off the field (usually last out).
- If a carpet is available, we’ll place a carpet down behind home plate to indicate whether a pitched ball is a strike or ball. If it hits the carpet, it’s a strike, if not it’s a ball.
- Alcohol Usage - Players may not be allowed to play should the captain and/or ump feels the player is under the influence of alcohol. The consumption of alcohol post game is at the discretion of the players. SoftballFinder in no way encourages or endorses the consumption of alcohol.
- Casual profanity pertains to expletives not directed at umpires or opposing players, but uttered by a player, manager/coach frustrated with themselves, a teammate or fan. This type of "casual" profanity is penalized by "outs" being declared against the offending team. PENALTY - If the offending team is at bat and profanity is used, the player is out unless the result of the play is an out in which case the next batter will be declared out. If the offending team is in the field, the first player(s) to bat in their half of the inning will be declared out. It is possible for a team to come to bat with one or more outs already recorded or lose their turn at bat altogether.
- Player Replacements - Teams can only field players from their roster however a sub player can be requested in certain circumstances. Team captains will manage filling player replacements.